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Navigating the Rules of Our Book Club Community

As we start this exciting adventure of literary discovery, I'm excited to share the guidelines that shape our book club. Here are the key ones, and we're eager to hear your thoughts too!

Frequency of Future Meetings: Once a month, creating a rhythm that allows both consistency and anticipation.

Meeting Schedule: Circle the date on your calendar—our gatherings will be a monthly tradition, always falling on the first Thursday of the month, starting this March.

Book Selection: I will distribute a Google Doc featuring suggested books, and you are encouraged to contribute your recommendations. Together, we will craft our reading list by engaging in a collective voting process. To partake in the book selection, it is essential to register on the book club's website.

Location: Our book club's home is the common room at Florianigasse 54/5, 1080 Wien. A cozy space that invites vibrant discussions and shared moments.

Communication Channel: Stay connected through our lively Facebook group—the heartbeat of our bookish community. Event registration links will always find their way to you through Facebook or newsletter.

Maximum Participants: To foster meaningful discussions, we'll cap participation at 15. If plans change, a heads-up ensures someone else can step into your spot.

Onsite or Offsite: Can't make it in person? No worries. Zoom links will be at your fingertips, opening a virtual door to our discussions.

Book Club Members: To preserve the intimacy of our close-knit community, new members will be welcomed through personal recommendations. This ensures a shared passion for reading and vibrant discussions. A minimum of one yearly attendance cements your place in our literary haven.

Expectations for Regulars: if you're with us regularly, here's what we're looking forward to:

  1. Read at least 10 books a year.

  2. Share your thoughts and connect over our reads.

  3. Explore new ideas for personal and professional growth.

  4. Make lasting friendships in our bookish community.

Excited for what lies ahead? So am I! Let's make this year of reading one to remember.

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