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About Me - The Heart Behind Book Insider

Hello, fellow book lovers!

I'm Ivana, and if you were to ask me the standard 'Who am I?' question, you'd get the basics: "I grew up in Italy, returned to the south of Serbia with my parents, who started their entrepreneurial adventure, studied international business in Grenoble, earned my MBA in Brussels, and found myself navigating the financial industry—not really by choice, more like destiny. Today, I live in Vienna and am the proud mom of two.

By founding Book Insider, I wanted to go beyond the usual—beyond where we are born or the money we earn. Because beyond the usual lies a desire for honest, meaningful conversations about who we are. That yearning for depth and authenticity is the heartbeat of my mission - to gather fantastic women who go beyond the surface, eager to explore and strive for something more.

Now, let me share the heart and soul of Book Insider through its three pillars:

1. Book Insights: From my student days onward, I've been writing detailed handwritten notes for every business and self-development book that crossed my path. Think of these notes as a friendly conversation, a swift summary, and a source of impactful quotes. No pretense of flawlessness; the occasional typo might find its way in. As a Happy Friday tradition, I share them in a weekly newsletter and across social platforms.

2. Insider Book Club: The Book Club is my absolute joy. Every month, incredible women discuss reads that promise to add magic to their lives and careers. Yet, it's not just about sharing; it's about challenging and questioning, all within a warm, non-judgmental space. Most importantly, it's about supporting each other—a circle of literary friends.

3. Insider Guest Writer: Book Insider isn't just about me; it's about all of us. This space is wide open to anyone inspired by a book and anyone who wants to share their insights in writing.

Book Insider isn't just a website; it's a cozy corner for those seeking warmth, connection, and growth. Join us on this journey where books aren't just stories; they're bridges to heart-to-heart connections and lasting friendships.

Here's to a book-filled journey with a touch of humanity in the times when we need it more than ever.

Warmly, Ivana

PS. I am grateful for the unwavering support of my three musketeers. Their presence has illuminated every step, and their encouragement has been the driving force behind Book Insider. Thank you for being my strength (D), companion and venue angel (O), and the voice of reason (L). We enrich each chapter as the most beautiful 'Dance Of Life' (DOL)."

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